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5 places to visit on a Costa Rica yacht charter

By Editorial Team   Last Updated: 28 February 2023

Costa Rica provides topographical drama at its most exquisite. And thanks to the recent passing of charter legislation in September allowing foreign yacht charters into the country (for up to a year) this Central American paradise is set to become a superyacht hotspot now the law has come into force. Boasting a stunningly diverse marine wonderland, state-of-the-art marinas and cinematic tropical landscapes, a Costa Rica yacht charter truly is a constellation of wonder. Here are five places you absolutely must visit whilst exploring Central America's most epic cruising grounds.

Drake Bay

To admire magnificent wild discoveries like no other head to verdant Drake Bay, situated south of Costa Rica, where jaw-dropping panoramas abound. Yacht charter guests have ample opportunity to spot humpback whales throughout the year here, as this area is home to the world's longest whale-watching season.

Drake Bay also just so happens to be an idyllic spot for kayaking through mangroves, zipping through the waters on your jet-ski and jumping off the yacht to make waves wakeboarding or kitesurfing. 

Isla del Caño

Isla del Caño

A veritable Mecca for snorkeling and diving thanks to its mellow, crystal clear waters and palatial walls of vibrant, towering coral

Isla del Caño is a veritable Mecca for snorkeling and diving thanks to its mellow, crystal clear waters and palatial walls of vibrant, towering coral. Encountering giant turtles and friendly eagle rays here is a simply magical experience. For avid-thrill seekers, take it a step further with a private submersible and descend 450 meters below the surface: you will get to discover a whole new oceanic playground in itself full of spellbinding pelagic life.

Golfo Dulce

Home to a breathtaking tapestry of coves and inlets, the Golfo Dulce is an absolute must-visit during your Costa Rica yacht charter.

Estimates suggest more than 20% of Costa Rica's Pacific coast marine menagerie are located here

Estimates suggest more than 20% of Costa Rica's Pacific coast marine menagerie are located here, so this is an incredible spot to see some of its most bewitchingly beautiful lifeforms: from dolphin and whale spotting to rare manta rays, sharks, and gloriously colorful shoals of fish. And that is not all: on land, this is the only location where you might be able to glimpse the last remaining jaguars in the country.

Isla Tortuga

isla tortuga costa rica

Cruise towards the exotic isla Tortuga to marvel at even more of the region's startlingly unique biodiversity. A serene anchorage, days can be spent exploring onshore at the Curú National Wildlife Refuge, slipping on scuba gear to discover subaquatic life, or relaxing on its pearly-white beaches where the footprints are likely to be yours and yours alone.

Papagayo Peninsula

A lush finger on the northwest corner of Guanacaste, the Papagayo Peninsula is an exclusive 11-mile-long emerald oasis popular among the jet-set. Exuding sustainable opulence, this luxury hub is replete with a state-of-the-art marina, upscale beach clubs and spas, high-end resorts (including the Four Seasons) and world-renowned restaurants that all certainly entertain yacht-goers with great panache.

Exuding sustainable opulence, Papagayo Peninsula certainly entertains yacht-goers with great panache.

Not only ideal for gourmands and golfers, the Papagayo Peninsula is also of course home to an abundance of palm-fringed paradisical beaches and heaven on earth for keen adventurers.

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Costa Rica's magical landscapes leave yacht charter guests eyes wide with wonder. It's the ideal location for those looking for a launchpad for adventure as it is for those seeking a luxuriously sedate vacation.

To find out more about booking a yacht charter in Costa Rica, please consult your chosen yacht charter broker. They can provide you with personalized information and advice concerning your vacation, creating an itinerary that perfectly caters to your individual needs.

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