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Charter Preferences

Design a bespoke vacation tailored to your every requirement

Once a luxury yacht charter booking has been confirmed the charter party will receive a preference sheet which is to be completed and returned to the Captain before the yacht charter departs. As the name suggests, a preference sheet is a detailed form in which to provide information on personal preferences, often relating to food, liquor and any medical conditions or disabilities the crew should be made aware of.

Guests will be required to itemise, in detail, any food allergies, favourite beverages and preferred itinerary interests. When it comes to preparing an itinerary, nothing has to be set in stone pre-charter, though it is good to give the Captain and crew a few ideas of what activities guests are looking to do. Upon completion, the crew will then use the preference sheet to ensure that all guests' needs and requirements are catered for in addition to ensuring no unpleasant surprises arise during the charter.

Remember: Ask for what you want, and your broker will work to find it. Whether you have a sensitive palate or serious allergies to some foods, your provisioning and preference sheets are the place to make your needs clear.

Kim Kavin, Dream Cruises

As well as completing the preference sheet, guests are able to meet with the Chef to set out further detailed requirements regarding food preferences for superyacht dining. It is not unheard of for guests to provide Chefs with their favourite recipes or menus and if some guests are on a strict diet or diabetic, it is best to mention it early on. Similarly let your broker know as soon as possible if some guests are confined to a wheelchair or restricted to the use of a cane or crutches, let your broker know as soon as possible. Many yachts aren’t equipped to accommodate wheelchairs on board as the gangways are simply not wide enough. Although there are a handful of yachts on the market which are able to facilitate special requirements, ensure to mention your requirements to your broker right away to avoid disappointment.

It is important that guest preference sheets are as detailed as possible in order for the superyacht crew to be fully aware of personal preference and able to ensure you are well looked after. Unlike a hotel, a luxury yacht will not have access to mass supplies of food and drinks so it is essential to let the crew know in advance if you have a favourite liquor or type of chocolate. Of course certain items may be accessible during your yacht charter vacation, but if you are headed to a remote island and are eager for a bottle of vintage champagne, be prepared to pay the shipping costs.

No request is too large or detail too small, some preference sheets have even been known to ask if guests have a preferred brand on sun tan lotion. Be honest, informative and prepare to be pampered.

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